Diversity Day

Academy at Palumbo

Diversity Day

June 15, 2017

8:00-9:00 Advisory Bonding
9:03-9:46 Opening Ceremonies
9:49-10:31 Opening Ceremonies
10:34-11:17 Academic Conference
11:20-12:03 Academic Conference
12:06-12:48 Student-led Workshops
12:51-1:33 Student-led Workshops
1:36-2:19 Student-led Workshops

Becoming American w/ National Museum of American Jewish HistoryAcademic Conference

The Traveling Suitcase is a unique and hands-on way to learn about immigration at the turn of the 20th century, and it is particularly fun when students are able to connect stories of contemporary immigration to stories from 100 years ago.

Consent Workshop w/ POPPYN
In today’s culture, young people are bombarded with messages about sex and consent. Across genders, youth are often navigating these messages and their own boundaries without a firm understanding of what consent actually is. In this workshop, students will learn what consent is, why it is necessary and how to ensure that consent is freely given, every time. Students will then apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios (from dating to street harassment) with support from trained facilitators.

Egyptian Art, Journalism & Politics w/ Ali Abdel Mohosen
Ali is a well established Egyptian artist (visual, videos, music, animation, etc..) who has exhibited his work throughout the world. He is also a journalist who worked before, during, and after the Egyptian revolution.

Intro to Juntos w/ Juntos
In this session participants will learn about Juntos and their work. Juntos is a community-led, Latinx immigrant organization in South Philadelphia fighting for our human rights as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants. We believe that every human being has the right to a quality education and the freedom to live with dignity regardless of immigration status. We combine leadership development, community organizing, and focused collaborations with other community-based and advocacy organizations to build the power of our community members so they may be active agents of change and work against their own oppression.

Islam 101 w/ Council for American-Islamic Relations
Learn about the history of Islam and similarities between Islam and other religions.

Know Your Rights w/ Council for American-Islamic Relations
This workshop will focus on practical self-advocacy for encounters with law enforcement officials. Participants will walk away knowing how to engage in positive interactions with officers in order to promote safety for all.

Know Your Rights w/ Up Against the Law
This workshop will focus on practical self-advocacy for encounters with law enforcement officials. Participants will walk away knowing how to engage in positive interactions with officers in order to promote safety for all.

Kun-Yang Lin Chi Dance w/ Kun-Yang Lin Chi Dancers
CHI Awareness Technique expands the perimeter of Western dance practices through an Eastern perspective that reflects Lin’s conception of dance as the ultimate integration of body, spirit and mind.

No One Is Free Until We’re All Free w/ The Attic Youth Center
In a world of #blacklivesmatter, gay marriage, and Laverne Cox, what does it mean to be an LGBTQ youth of color at the intersection of heterosexism, cissexism, sexism, and racism? This youth-led activity based workshop focuses on the past, present and future of liberation movements through an intersectional lenses!

Paint Splash w/ Jaiya Bhandari
Paint Splash creates community through the power of art and mindfulness — helping students to feel empowered, creative and bonded. Inspired by color splashing during Holi (Hindu festival of Colors) students will be invited to hand, flick, throw and squirt paint in the creation of “Pollock-style” artwork, while participating in different games and processes; One of which involves writing your positive intentions onto the wall or canvas before we paint it!

Stories of the Holocaust w/ Holocaust Awareness Museum
Learn about the lived experiences of Jews during the Holocaust by listening to a survivor’s first-hand account.

Tibetan Buddhism w/ Shambhala Center
Learn about Tibetan Buddhism and engage in meditative practices.

African American Drumming w/ Traditional African American Drumming Society
Traditional African American Drum Society has been preserving and promoting the musical heritage of African Americans for over 3 decades through dance, song, and of course, the drum. Omiyinka Moore and Tom Lowry are lifelong learners of the drum and are honored to have the opportunity to share today.

Yoga w/ Susannah Thurlow
Yoga is a South Asian contemplative practice that is now popular around the globe. Join our yoga instructor for a class designed for beginners.

Cultural Workshops

Pasta Making
Do you love pasta? I forgot, we’re in South Philly. Of course you love pasta! Come learn how to make your own pasta — and then eat it!

I’ll Show You How Great I Am
Create personalized Haikus that show off the traits that make them diverse and unique.They will also compete against each other in teams in a Haiku poetry slam judged by members of the Palumbo poetry team.

Step Workshop
In this workshop participants will learn and perform a basic step routine.

The Art of Henna
Students attending the workshop will be able to get their Henna done, and learn how to do their own.

Cambodian Dancing
Participants will learn and then perform a traditional Cambodian dance.

Trade Beads
We will teach you how to create your own trade beads, necklaces or bracelets. All with only newspaper or magazines and glue plus string.

Vietnamese Hat Dancing
Participants will learn and then perform a traditional Vietnamese hat dance.

Dream Catchers
Dream Catchers originated in Ojibwe culture and were later adopted by other tribes. Come to learn about the history of dream catchers and make your own.

German Dirndl Wreaths
I will talk about dirndls and other traditional german attire, then teach participants how to make dirndl wreaths.

Caribbean Waves
In our workshop we will be showing people how to dance our hispanic/Latin dances. They will learn dances like bachata, salsa, merengue, and other dances that originated in the caribbean area.

At this workshop, we will teach other people how to make gimbap. Participants will make their own gimbap and get to eat it.

Spring Rolls
Learn how to make spring rolls! Participants will learn how to make spring rolls, and then make and enjoy their own.

Spam Musubi
Learn how to make the tasty Hawaiian dish spam musubi! Participants will learn how to make spam musubi, and then make and enjoy their own.

Learn how to make dumplings! Participants will learn how to make dumplings, and then make and enjoy their own.

Muslims Around the World
In this workshop we want participants to know about the different habits and ways of communication in different cultures. Knowing how people act in different parts of the world will allow participants to get a deeper understanding about why people act the way they do in different cultures.

Tea Time
In our workshop participants will learn about this significance and uses of tea in Chinese culture. Participants will learn the proper way to make tea, and enjoy some as well!

Around the World
Do you like trivia? In this workshop you will learn about various world cultures. Then, you will compete to see whose knowledge is superior! To the victor goes the spoils (yes, there’s a prize).

Batik is an Indonesian method for creating designs on textiles. Come learn about batiking and create your own batik design!


Rugby w/ Ms. Stamps
Rugby is a contact team sport developed in England in the 19th century. Rugby is known for being greuling and a tad bit violent. Ms. Stamps will be leading demos and short games. These workshops are designed for newcomers to the sport.

Kite Flying
Kites were invented in China in the 5th century BCE. Over time, kites spread to Southeast Asia, India, and then the rest of the world. Come practice your kite flying abilities! This is a student-directed activity.

Jianzi (Chinese Shuttlecock)
Jianzi, or Chinese shuttlecock, is a game where the player(s) aim to keep a weighted shuttlecock in the air by using their bodies, apart from the hands. This game can be played independently, or in a group. This is a student-directed activity.

Food Trucks

Authentik Byrek

Authentik Byrek specializes in handmade baked savory pastries called “BYREK.” This pastry is found in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey). These pastries are made with several layers of dough, known as Phyllo-dough, that have been thinly rolled out by hand and filled with a combination of vegetables, cheeses and meats.

Philly Rollers
Philly Rollers is a student-run business that sells handmade Thai rolled ice cream by cart. If you love ice cream, you will absolutely love this. Our ice cream is not only fresh, delicious, and handmade, but the experience is undeniably fun!