Welcome To Palumbo Video


If you are interested in applying for the 2014-15 school year, please visit the School District website here.

In addition to the online application, please submit a
One page written or typed essay answering the questions:
•Who am I?
•What do I hope to accomplish in High School?
•What can I contribute to my High School?

If you are interested in applying for the 2014-15 school year, please visit the School District website here.

Griffin Gear

Hello Palumbo Griffins!

Want to get some Griffin Gear? The Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball teams are currently running a fundraiser that will help the teams and also help to spread Palumbo Spirit and Pride both in and out of the building.  If you see something (or two or three;-) that you like, simply ask a basketball player or come to Ms. Donnelly in room 101 to place an order.

You’ll have to act fast because the fundraiser ends on Dec.17!

Basketball fundraiser


WHO: You! (and all your friends!)

WHEN: Nov. 17-21

WHY: Celebrate the Academy @ Palumbo and earn Palumbo Points for your class and advisory!

WHAT: Participate in Spirit Week dress up days, activities and pep rally! Earn 1 point for your class and advisory for each day you dress up!

*Wear gear or rep the colors of your favorite college or university! Super special bonus if you wear University of Michigan apparel!

*Dress as your favorite superhero! This can be a known superhero or one you make up!

Wednesday: PAJAMA DAY
*Roll out of bed and come to school wearing your comfiest PJs. Remember: NO lingerie and NO slippers!

*Dress opposite of who you are! Try dressing as a different gender, in a different style, or grab a partner from your advisory and dress as opposite items!

*Prove which class is best by wearing your class color!
* Freshies = silver/grey
* Sophs = black
* Juniors = teal
* Seniors = silver, black, teal combo

Pep Rally:
*Celebrate Palumbo and your fellow Griffins by attending Friday’s pep rally.
*Expect awards, performances, excitement and Chewy the Griffin!

School Mantra Contest:
*Each advisory will get a copy of the school’s mission and vision statement on Monday.
*By Wednesday, submit a 1-2 line mantra that encompasses the mission and vision.
*Be Creative! You do not have to repeat words in the mission and vision.
*We’ll vote on the winning mantra at Friday’s pep rally. Winners will get 50 points toward their advisory and their class!